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Graduate & Alumni

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Because we are committed to student success at Hanson Canada, we would like hear from our students about their success after they graduate with a prestigious Cambrian College diploma or certificate.

Whether students decide to apply for continuing education in Canadian universities or apply for employment in Canada, we are confident that our Cambrian at Hanson students, with their skills, knowledge, and abilities, will be successful in their lives after Hanson. Hearing from our alumni provides important information and encouragement to our whole college community; including students, staff, and instructors.

To make updating easier for us, please fill out our brief Alumni Profile Survey which includes questions regarding your current contact information, your career plans, and your success after graduation. We are very proud of our graduates and are continually encouraged by their achievements and success!

Hanson Canada Alumni Networking Event 2018

Life After Hanson

I came to Canada as an international student in 2017 with the quintessential “Canadian dream” of making it BIG IN Canada and making a life for myself.  After completing my Human Resource Management Diploma from Cambrian, I started interning at Randstad which is the biggest HR consultancy in Canada as a part of my mandatory co-op program.

I was extremely excited to begin this new chapter entering the corporate world in Canada. However, I was very disheartened soon after because life in Canada wasn’t all rosy and not close to what I had expected it to be. I was alone here and had to do everything on my own. I was juggling between paying the bills, studying, doing other household chores, interning and working part time. I was in this foreign land, with people from different ethnicities it was all so unfamiliar. On top of that I missed my family and friends back home terribly.

Nevertheless, I did not lose hope and decided to not let this opportunity go by waste. So, I started working diligently for those two months at my internship. I built relationships with my managers, putting tireless long hours and showcased my performance with outstanding results. I was offered a full time Permanent position as a Senior Recruitment Specialist. Meanwhile I had applied for my permanent residency in Canada and got it!

I accomplished all of that in less than two years and […] BELIEVE in yourself and with hard work, that end goal of living “THE BIG CANADIAN DREAM” could be yours!

Madhur Khanna

Senior Recruitment Specialist, Randstad

Hard work and dedication are always rewarded

My experience at Hanson, Brampton campus has always been great. Each day I learned something new and valuable. With the support and motivation given by the IBM faculty I was able to achieve overall GPA of 4.0. In recognition of my hard work, Cambrian at Hanson awarded me with the Overall Excellence Scholarship worth $2000 Canadian dollars. Though the competition was stiff, the management made the decision impartially based upon overall performance and faculty votes.

Other students with a 4.0 GPA were awarded $500 Canadian dollars each. It’s not just about money. The recognition motivates students in a positive way to perform more efficiently.

All in all, I would advise students that to maximize their college experience at Hanson it is important to keep working hard, be more creative, try to participate in all college activities… Every student is unique and talented, so never let yourself down; rather keep working and complete all tasks with sincerity. Thank you so much Cambrian at Hanson, Brampton for making my academic adventure full of learning, happiness, and rewards.

Rashmeet Kaur Sandhu

Alumni, Cambrian at Hanson

I enjoy studying in Cambrian at Hanson College because it has a vibrant and focused academic culture and a well-planned course structure. In addition to business knowledge, I am gaining international experience within a multicultural community. I also appreciate the ability to share the customs and traditions of my native country.
Speaking of studies, I got acquainted with such business areas as marketing, introduction to business concepts, financial accounting etc.  Nowadays, communication is the foundation of modern society. College communication, taught by Medina Yanirys, helped me to shape and improve the level of business English significantly. I mastered writing essays and analyzing business literature. As my interest in communication has grown, so too has my passion to understand it.

Danylo Korniienko