We are honored to be the recipient of the 2019-20 Canadian Business Excellence Award for Private Businesses. We have been distinguished by Excellence Canada for demonstrating a strategic approach to impeccable customer service, employee engagement and fostering a culture of innovation. This is the second time we’ve received the award since 2017 and the recognition is an encouraging way for us to know we’re on the right track and an example of what our journey has been and will continue to be like.

We recognize the tremendous amount of hard work and commitment from each and every member of our staff and faculty. It has differentiated Hanson Canada as a leader in international education.

Hanson Canada President and CEO Shouyi Ma acknowledged “We increasingly set the bar higher and disrupt the status quo.  It is up to us to continue to elevate each other by supporting, learning from, and collaborating with one another to reach even greater heights. With great success comes great responsibility.  I am confident that if we hold each other accountable, we will continue to deliver results and reveal the bright future ahead.”

Congratulations again to the entire Hanson Team on this outstanding achievement!

Let’s go Hanson!