For today’s workforce, career development and advancement is at the forefront of job consideration. Growth and mobility can take on many different forms and take on many unexpected twists and turns.

Beginning in 2012, Manny Bassi, now Regional Campus Director, Ontario, had a clear vision for his career: he didn’t want one. As a shy and reserved person, he wanted to move out into the woods and lead a self-sustainable life by 2020. A lot as changed since then. 

Manny discussed his professional development journey at Hanson from aspirations of living off the grid to the key moments over eight years that shaped his career at Hanson.

Tell us about your journey at Hanson

I started as a placement coordinator in 2012 and worked with the Academic team. Since then, I’ve held multiple roles from Academic Assistant, to Project Manager that led to my most recent and current job as the Regional Campus Director, Ontario.

How has Hanson helped your career development?

Hanson is a dynamic and innovative company and those attributes have allowed me to challenge myself in new areas. We do not rest on past successes and this has pushed me to strive to better myself as a leader.

What have been the key moments that have shaped your career?

There have been two key moments, positions that I have held that have helped me reach the position I have today. First was stepping in as the Acting Associate Director of Academics at our Brampton Campus for an extended medical leave. This is the first time in my career I was really challenged to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I had the raw interpersonal and leadership skills but putting them into practice brought into focus that this is something I could excel at. The next was being assigned as Project Manager for our then largest renovation project in company history. Having to balance several stakeholders needs and delivering a finished tangible product. It gave me a sense of accomplishment and confidence knowing I could handle such a large project and deliver.

What advice would you give others based on your experience?

Keys to my success have been, Perseverance, Continual Improvement and not being afraid to take new novel challenges on. Perseverance; The first no to a proposal or new idea is not an end point, it is just the beginning. It provides valuable feedback in knowing you either need to improve what is being proposed or do a greater job of selling the idea. Continual Improvement; I have always been a reflective person and embraced change in myself. Perfection is not end point but a life long pursuit in all aspects of life. Taking on new challenges allows you to show others what you are capable off, don’t wait for the ‘right’ opportunity, take the opportunity in front of you and strike while the iron is hot.

What’s next on your career to-do list?

I hope to continue to grow as a leader but also teach others how they can become better leaders. Helping others achieve their potential has always been something I have innately tried to do. Hanson has allowed me to develop and uncover skills and I hope to impart some of those lessons in a professional setting.