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On August 23, the Ontario Campuses team from Brampton, North York and Toronto gathered at Dave and Buster’s for some team building excitement, friendly competition and a birthday celebration. Led by Manny Bassi, Regional Campus Director, Ontario, the team shared a meal before embarking on a fun-filled afternoon of interactive arcade and simulator games. 

Staff were divided into teams of 6 where each member were given “Power Cards” with game credits for the arcade. Challenged to play games and win tickets, each game in the “Dave & Buster’s Million Dollar Midway” offered opportunities to win various quantities of tickets depending on the game. The teams strategized to identify games offering the most tickets while costing the least credits to play in order to earn the most tickets collectively before time was up.

Aimed to incorporate leadership exercises, this was not a typical (potentially awkward) “team-building” experience. Instead, staff from across the Ontario campuses spent time together and shared an experience of working towards a (very fun) common goal which allowed bonding to happen more organically and far more effectively.

It was a great way to highlight everyone’s strengths and connect with colleagues who don’t normally have the opportunity to work with each other closely. In the end, Team #1 succeeded in winning the most tickets to win an additional prize of an Instant Pot. 

Team building is an important investment and crucial ingredient for success. It’s no surprise that three of Hanson Canada’s six core values center around just that:

  • Supportive towards the success of each other
  • Inclusive, respectful & diverse
  • Collaboration

Effective team building builds trust, reduces conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration.  This translates directly to more engaged employees and higher morale.