Hanson Canada staff and faculty participated in its first ever “Hanson Games”, a riveting afternoon of fun-filled, skill-testing competition across Ontario campuses. Team spirit, creativity and good sportsmanship on full display, all three campus teams came together to build a stronger, better and more cohesive TEAM HANSON!

In an effort to connect the Ontario campuses, the games consisted of a series of interactive challenges played among teams from each campus–Brampton, North York and Yonge-Eglinton, competing against the other campus teams. Presented with a list of challenges at the start of the day, each campus team  choose activities worth a different numbers of points. Some favorites included building the highest spaghetti tower with a marshmallow on top, solving a Rubik cube, and writing a Hanson Theme Song. At the end of the day, team Yonge-Eglinton were the victors over North York and Brampton campuses with the most points.

In light of the tremendous effort and team spirit all teams put into the challenges, Hanson will be sending everyone to the Blue Jays Game vs. Texas Rangers game on August 13th!

We thank each and every team member for putting in the time and effort to participate and contribute to the successes that our teams achieved on this fun day!