June 21, 2019 – Brampton, Ontario

Celebrating the end of the spring semester and a new cohort of graduates, staff and faculty came together for Hanson Canada’s June 2019 town hall meeting at its Brampton campus. Bringing together the Brampton and North York Campuses, the morning began with an opportunity for staff and faculty from the two campuses to catch up.

As a result of Hanson’s growth in 2019, the meeting kicked off with the introduction of seventeen new employees from the Eglinton, North York and Brampton campuses. After a fun-filled round of “Hanson Bingo” to break the ice, President and CEO Shouyi Ma took the audience through the company’s 18-year journey to showcase its historical growth.

Mr. Ma shared his future vision of the company with “Hanson 3.0” and portrayed how the company will strengthen business through significant infrastructure expansion and the development of internal talent from within Hanson through training. “It is important to remember that we have had over 6,000 graduates, that translates to over 6,000 lives touched and journeys we have facilitated in Canada” said Mr. Ma.

Newly appointed Regional Director of Ontario Manny Bassi, shared his inspiring 8-year Hanson journey from his first position as a Placement Coordinator. Rife with twists and turns and an ongoing dedication to his career, Mr. Bassi highlighted opportunities for growth and Hanson’s supportive investment in staff development.  

Geraldine Kehoe, Vice President of Human Resources, followed with a presentation of Hanson’s agile culture, and emphasized the importance of the work and why it matters. Kehoe reminded the audience that they were all brought together by a passion for education and student success.

Following the Management Presentation, an extended Q&A session was held using an online application called sli.do app. The response was overwhelmingly positive – 22 questions were submitted through the sli.do app in addition to 18 questions pre-submitted before the meeting. The management team efficiently and answered the majority of employee inquiries regarding personal development, employee benefits, and career paths within Hanson.

At Hanson every voice matters, and we value and appreciate the input and feedback for continued improvement and services excellence.