Sunday, April 14, 2019 — Toronto, Canada

Today, team Hanson Canada, consisting of staff, students and faculty ascended the 553-meter-high CN Tower in downtown Toronto for World Wildlife Foundation’s (WWF-Canada) CN Tower Climb for Nature. Demonstrating his commitment to teamwork, President and CEO, Shouyi Ma, joined the team to complete the challenge.

Beginning bright and early, the team took on the rare and exhilarating opportunity to tackle the CN Tower’s 1,776 steps to raise funds in support of the WWF-Canada. The Hanson Canada team joined the 28-year-old Canadian tradition to climb the CN Tower alongside companies such as FedEx, IKEA, and Loblaws and surpassed their fundraising goal of $3,600 to raise a total of $5,510.

Dr. Anil Sharma, the most senior member of the team at 65 years old, climbed 144 floors within 30 minutes and 30 seconds all without taking a break. It was a morning filled with personal bests and everyone made it to the top smiling. Cynthia Chu, Vice President of Corporate Initiatives and Administration, reflected, “It was hard work but after you’re done it’s such a great feeling for pushing your limits – I improved my time by a minute”, as she reached the top.

Hanson Canada is incredibly proud of its staff, faculty and students for their dedication, team-work and support of not only the World Wildlife Fund, but also the Hanson spirit of innovation, creativity and collaboration.