Ontario Spring 2018 Meeting

Hanson Canada’s Brampton campus was a bustling beacon of activity in anticipation for the Spring 2018 Meeting – a time for staff and faculty to gather, review the previous semester’s performance (Winter 2018), celebrate successes, and plan for the oncoming semester. That April had proven to be unusually wintery, yet this morning was greeted with some of the warmest temperatures of the year; a sign of things about to bloom for the Hanson Canada team.

Members of our Ontario campuses flocked to Brampton bright and early to be greeted with breakfast and coffee. After getting everyone oriented and presenting the Meeting Agenda, we welcomed the newest members of the Hanson team. Hanson Canada is rapidly expanding, yet we strive to make each and every one of our employees to feel welcome, valuable, and to provide them with the utmost in support. We are so thrilled to have each and every one of you join our team; the reason why Hanson Canada is a leader in providing practical international educational solutions comes from the incredible team of people we have collaborating to produce these solutions. We can’t wait to see what you all bring to our organization.

Hanson Canada President and CEO Shouyi Ma kicked off the meeting with opening remarks. Mr. Ma spoke of the future of Hanson, how the Hanson team has and will continue to turn challenges into opportunities. Various departmental managers provided staff with presentations, where they discussed the teams’ successes, achievements and future plans.

With announcements held and the plans underway, Hanson Canada looks forward to another productive, prosperous year in 2018! We will continue providing ongoing simple, seamless, and inclusive international education options.

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.

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On a more solemn note, it is with heavy hearts that we received the news of the attack on pedestrians in Toronto on April 24th.

Hanson Canada offers its deepest sympathies and condolences to the victims, families and friends affected by this unprecedented tragedy. In the spirit of community, Hanson Canada held a minute of silence to commemorate our fellow Torontonians in need.

Together as a community is how we stand strongest. Together, as a community, is how we will heal and continue on.

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