International student success in a new era: Student Profile Jenny

Toronto, June 6, 2017

Hanson School of Languages is flexible to your needs

Jenny Murillo has spent a lot of her life in school.

She has an undergraduate degree in Architecture and a master’s degree in Landscaping. She is fluent in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese; has spent time in Germany, Colombia, Argentina and now she is living in Canada.

“I have studied a lot in my life, so if I say Hanson School of Languages is one of the best Schools, it’s true. I have done all of my University, all of my Master’s and I fell in love with this school,” said Jenny.  Hanson Canada, Future Ready, International Education, Canadian Education

Jenny came to Canada for the first time in 2016 as a tourist, visiting her brother who had been living here for eight years. At that time, she and her husband had been living in Germany with their newborn daughter and were looking for a change. They decided to come to Canada for a visit and see what would happen.

They fell in love and quickly decided that they wanted to make their visit permanent. Prior research indicated that one of the best ways to begin their immigration process to Canada was to become fluent in English. The only problem was that at that point, they could barely speak a word of it.

They settled in Brampton near Jenny’s brother and began looking around for an ESL School.

“We heard about Hanson and were put into contact with Lin Zhang, one of the Marketing Managers there. She helped us with everything and gave us all the information we needed. There was only one problem – the school was in Toronto and not in Brampton where we lived,” said Jenny.

They continued their search, but none of the ESL schools closer to where they lived seemed like a good fit.

“What made Hanson different was that they understood me. They understood all the challenges that being a new mom and a new immigrant to Canada brought with it. They were human and understood that I had a baby and had to travel from Brampton to Eglinton to study, so they helped me set a flexible schedule. It’s why I choose Hanson in the end,” said Jenny.

Jenny decided to begin a program of study at Hanson School of Languages that would last for four months, as she wanted to see how things were going before deciding to continue. She started her language studies at the Intermediate level and she is currently taking English for Academic Purposes classes.

After one month, her family moved to Toronto only a few blocks from the campus.

“It was difficult in the beginning because I had to travel two hours one way by bus and find a babysitter for my baby. My husband works from home, but he sometimes has to leave the office so everything depends on his schedule. I really appreciate that Hanson has been so flexible with my case,” said Jenny.Hanson Canada, Future Ready, International Education, Canadian Education

Once she finishes her program at Hanson School of Languages, she wants to return to her artistic roots. She plans to continue to College and become an Architect in Canada.

“I was an Architect in Colombia, but I swear I will one day be Architect here.”

For more information: Amanda Portelli, Media and Communications Coordinator, Hanson Canada, 416-977-8818 ext. 3015,


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