First Evaluations This Week at North York Campus

Hanson Canada North York Campus First Evaluations

Hello North York campus! The first round of student evaluations are underway this week from May 28 – May 31. Be sure to follow some of these test-taking best practises.

Taking a test doesn’t start on the day of in the classroom – the trick is in how you get there. Make sure you give yourself ample time to study course material and take care of yourself while going through study periods. That means eating healthy meals, getting enough sleep and taking breaks so your brain has a chance to recharge. Arrive the day of your evaluations early and refreshed, and be sure to bring all the necessary equipment including writing utensils and calculators where applicable.

And finally, check your emails! You never know when there may be last-minute updates – stay on top of your inboxes.

Congratulations on making it to the bottom of this article, as a prize you get to find out that North York campus is closed Friday! Good luck on your first round of evaluations, students, and enjoy the extra day off.

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