Hanson International Academy – School Services

Academic Programs of High Quality: We have highly qualified teachers with a broad range of experience, knowledge, and various teaching strategies.

· Personalized Care: Our counselling and teaching staff are always available to provide help and guidance to our students.

· Small Classes: Individual attention along with a positive and supportive environment helps foster students’ ability to maximize their learning potential.

· University Placement Assistance: Individual study plans are developed with the assistance of our guidance counsellor to ensure a university placement that will best utilize each individual’s strengths and meet each student’s career goals.

· Student Services: A combination of Academic and Personal Services is provided by Hanson to support every aspect of students’ lives during their studies at Hanson.

· Extracurricular Activities: Counselors are available to organize students’ activities in the following areas: clubs, sports, fitness, and excursions.

· Library: The school has a set of core text books available in each subject area. For research purposes, the students will avail themselves of the resources available at the local community library.

· Computer Lab: The computer lab when not in use for classes may be used by the students to complete assignments and to do research. Students may use their private notebook on the school’s wireless network system. All students must agree to abide by the “Acceptable Use Policy” set down by the school.