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Language changes lives.

Learning a new language is an adventure. At Hanson School of Languages, we are your guide. Our unique system of in-class innovation and real-life language challenges gives you the experience you need to make the most of your language-learning experience.

Start Your Future Today

Hanson School of Languages is not like any other language school in the world. Because we are:

Present. HSL believes there has never been a better time to learn a new language. That’s why we use the most advanced tools for learning. Our students use apps, speech recognition, digital books, all connected to real-time data that shows their improvement areas.
Passionate. Our passionate teachers are held to high-standards. At Hanson, we only hire teachers who go the extra mile and get amazing results.
Partners. Our staff and our teachers are your partners in your learning, not your bosses. We believe in collaboration with a small, family culture.

How We Do it

  • Small classes that stay small. 
  • The best new technology combined with the best new ideas in education.
  • The Perfect Pathway. 

Class Size

100% of our classes have between four to eight students.



Students who graduate from our EAP College Stream program are eligible for admission into Cambrian College programs.